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Terms and conditions


Deposits and Bookings

  • Deposits are essential when booking with Your Canvas Makeup, appointments are not confirmed until payment has been received. (Will accept a screen shot if discussed and approved by Your Canvas Makeup)

  • Deposits can be made via the online booking page or can be done via bank transfer when discussed and approved by Your Canvas Makeup.

Group bookings

Please make sure the number of people require service is correct. As you will still need to pay the full amount if one person decides to not take up the service.

For example;

If the person of the group cancels the service full payment is required. Option to substitute another person in their place.

Bank Details
BSB – 062692

Account Number – 37913459


For example:


This means your appointment is on the 16th of Novemeber at 2pm.



Payment Surchages

  • Surcharge fees of $15 apply on Sundays, public holidays, before and after hours.

  • Our Before hours is before 7am.

  • Our After hours is after 5pm.

Attending your appointment

  • Being on time for your appointment is crucial, this means being here ontime to have your service performed at optimum levels. This will assist not only yourself but other clients who have booked before and or after your service. Please be considerate to yourself and others.

  • Coming to your appointment late may incur a small fee, please be on time. If you cannot make your appointment for some other reason, please get in touch with Your Canvas Makeup as soon as possible via mobile or social media platforms so we can try and accommodate your needs.



  • Your Canvas Makeup love to show our work because we love creating magic. Our artists will take a before and after shot and foreground this on social media, if you would not like the artist to not take a photo please tell the artist.

  • All photos and social media platforms relating to the work of Your Canvas Makeup belong to Your Canvas Makeup, if you would like to obtain a copy of this please contact us.

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