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Terms and conditions

Deposits and Bookings
All deposits will require 50% deposit to secure it if not paid with screen shot as proof we will not honour your service.
Deposits are essential when booking with Your Canvas , appointments are not confirmed until payment has been received with proof you have paid. If monies are transfered by bank deposit or any other shape or form you must send a screen shot to Your Canvas, this will ensure the service you require is locked in and delivered.
Deposits can be made in many payment methods booking online, bank transfer or credit card over the phone.

All prices include GST.


How much notice can i give to cancel my appointment to retain my credit? (Credit is not monies returned it is used to apply to another appointment, our policy is deposits are non refundable but can be transfered if you meet our cancel conditions)

  1. Individual booking must give  48 hours notice to enable the credit, this credit forms a deposit to carry over to the next available date. DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE they're transferable if you meet this condition.

  2. Group bookings of more than 3 will need to give us atleast 4 weeks notice for a credit to be transfered. Deposits are non refundable. Please make sure the number of people require service is correct. As you will still need to pay the full amount if one person decides to not take up the service.

  3. Deposits with an appointment that is cancelled then transfered can only be done ONCE. If you wish to reschedule for a 3rd time a new appointment is to be booked with a new deposit to be paid again.

Above numbers 2 and 3 Don't apply to Weddings.

If covid impacts your appointment as you know this is both out of our control deposits are still non refundable but we can transfer to the next available date. All impacts in any shape or form by covid on our appointment are deposits are non refundable.

  • Individual bookings only, if your event is cancelled due to covid you must give us 48hrs notice so that your deposits are transferable to the next available date.

Weddings/Group Bookings
Please ensure the number of people required for the service is correct as full payment is still required if a cancellation is to happen.

Deposits are non refundable
To reschedule, deposit that turns into now a credit is valid up to 12 months from the weddings date.

Deposits/Credits can be transfered only once, if rescheduling again meaning a second time a rescheduling fee of $150 will apply plus the price difference if their is a price increase.

If cancellation of the whole booking, you will loose your deposit. DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

A text reminder will be sent to you approx 48hours before the appointment. A week for weddings or large group bookings. You must reply to advise if youre attending. If not we will try reach out to you another two times either by email, social media or phone call. Failure to return your call or reply to us we have the obligation to cancel the appointment and you will not be elible for refund or transfer in credit.

What we DON'T do:
We don't charge a late fee if you don't arrive on time, however we will work with whatever time we have left on your appointment. This also means not completing the finished look. Full payment is still required. 
We don't make you pay for the remainder of the appointment if you don't turn up to your appointment. Deposits are taken, these are non refundable or transferable. We can refuse service in the future depending on situaiton. Offcourse under extreme circumstances or events we will consider.


Group bookings

Please make sure the number of people require service is correct. As you will still need to pay the full amount if one person decides to not take up the service.

For example;

If the person of the group cancels the service full payment is required. Option to substitute another person in their place.

Bank Details

BSB – 062692

Account Number – 37913459


For example:


This means your appointment is on the 16th of Novemeber at 2pm.



Payment Surchages

Surcharge fees of $15 apply on Sundays, public holidays, before and after hours.

Our Before hours is before 7am.

Our After hours is after 5pm.

Attending your appointment

Being on time for your appointment is crucial, this means being here ontime to have your service performed at optimum levels. This will assist not only yourself but other clients who have booked before and or after your service. Please be considerate to yourself and others.


If you cannot make your appointment for some other reason, please get in touch with Your Canvas Makeup as soon as possible via mobile or social media platforms so we can try and accommodate your needs.


Your Canvas Makeup love to show our work because we love creating magic. Our artists will take a before and after shot and foreground this on social media, if you would not like the artist to not take a photo please tell the artist.

All photos and social media platforms relating to the work of Your Canvas Makeup belong to Your Canvas Makeup, if you would like to obtain a copy of this please contact us.